Bulk Plant Operator Job Description:

Job Summary:

Blending of two bulk products and training in the blending and mixing of all products. Loading

of materials for delivery to well sites, in conjunction with company services, while maintaining

excellent quality control and in accordance with company policies and procedures. Assists in

training other operators and trainees. Comply with all governmental regulations, industry

standards and observes all Weatherford health, safety and environmental policies to reduce

environmental impacts.


  1. Blend and mix two bulk products for delivery to the well site on time and as per

the programmed design.

  1. Training in the blending and mixing of all products.

  2. Check and/or calculate quantities of material blends required prior to loading.

  3. Follow company quality assurance procedures to insure proper loading.

  4. Select company service equipment as needed to load a job.

  5. Coordinate the bulk products movement to and from the Rigs with the FSMs and


  1. Assist in the monthly inventory count and ensure all paperwork is completed

properly on a daily basis for goods received and goods shipped.

  1. Ensure all additives are properly labeled and stored in a safe manner and that all

empty drums and pails are disposed of in the proper manner.

  1. Perform a daily check of bulk plant equipment and maintain all equipment while

also ensuring bulk plant is kept clean.

  1. Strive for service quality and SQM implementation.

  2. Participate in job risk analysis and continual improvement programs in the


  1. Wear PPE at all times and observe health, safety and environmental policies.

  2. Successfully complete required safety training (including but not limited to

forklift, drugs and alcohol, electrical, emergency response, fire, first aid, health

and hygiene, PPE, SIPP, risk reporting, IT security, hazardous materials, driving).

Job Specifications:


One year run bulk by his own.

Reports To: Bulk Plant Supervisor/Operations Manager or Supervisor