Army National Guard Units (Title 32) Safety Specialist in Boise, Idaho

Army National Guard Units (Title 32)
1 vacancy in the following location:
  • Boise, ID
Work Schedule is Full Time - Permanent

Opened Tuesday 10/4/2016 (17 day(s) ago)

** Closes Friday 11/4/2016 (14 day(s) away)

Job Overview




Safety Specialist

Boise, Idaho

Appointment Type: Permanent

PD #:D0696000

Series/Grade: GS-0018-09/09

Salary Range: $48,968.00-$63,654.00

Candidates must possess or be able to obtain a clearance within one year of appointment

PCS is not authorized

MEMBERSHIP IN THE ARMY NATIONAL GUARD IS REQUIRED: This is an Excepted Service position that requires membership in the Idaho Army National Guard as a condition of employment. Selectee will be required to wear the military uniform. Acceptance of an Excepted Service position constitutes concurrence with these requirements as a condition of employment. Loss of military membership will result in immediate loss of your full-time military technician position.

In accordance with the Labor Management Agreement, Article 18, Promotions:

Area of Consideration

The area of consideration for all Idaho National Guard bargaining unit positions will be as follows:

* (1) Bargaining unit members*

* (2) All other individuals *

*This does not preclude management from selecting either Section (1) or Section (2) applications after Section (1) applicants have been considered. *


Current members of the Idaho Army National Guard.

Application materials must be received by Friday, November 04, 2016. Failure to provide complete information may result in your not receiving consideration for this position. Please refer to the Qualifications and Evaluations section to understand the requirements.


MAJOR DUTIES: (Detailed duties are on the Position Description available at the Human Resources Office)

For the Army National Guard, this position is located in an Command Administrative Office (CAO) or JFHQ-State Safety office. The primary purpose of this position is to perform work in a broad range of air and ground safety; as well as, explosive and range safety, weapons safety program elements, such as inspections, surveys, evaluations, mishap investigations and safety training.


1) Provides safety related expertise to unit commanders and supervisors in the establishment of techniques and procedures for the elimination or control of unsafe acts (conditions), environments or hazards.

2) Conducts safety assistance visits to units during annual training, convoy, range and other related tactical operations to ensure compliance will all safety regulations and guidelines and to minimize accident risk.

(3) Provides technical assistance in accident investigations. Conducts on-site investigations in cases of multiple injury accidents to determine causes and procedures for eliminating causal factors.

(4) Collects, reviews, analyzes, and investigates accident reports submitted to the State Safety and Occupational Health Office,Ground Safety Section. Coordinates and assists the collateral duty unit safety officer/NCO in the preparation of, and timely submission of DA Forms 285 to the U.S. Army Safety Center and ARNG Safety Office.

(5) Conducts periodic and unscheduled surveys and inspections of ARNG facilities to determine compliance with Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA) and other regulatory requirements. Prepares reports based on survey findings and analyzes mishap trends. Assists the senior Safety Specialist in the assignment of risk assessment codes, and abatement plans. Observes work methods and recommends corrective measures to eliminate unsafe work practices.

(6) Prepares training materials and conducts safety training classes, demonstrations, seminars, pre-annual training briefings and other briefings as required. Prepares graphs, charts and information for use in determining accident trends. Analyzes factors such as the number of accidents and causes. Calculates ratios as to the cause and results. Develops countermeasure procedures, by recommending changes and remedies that will reduce accident rate and reverse trends.

(7) Assists the senior safety specialist in the promotion of the safety programs. Advises personnel on the need for safety and

health protective equipment based on work environments and established

regulatory requirements.

(8) Conducts construction site inspections of facilities and contractor personnel to determine compliance with applicable safety code requirements (OSHA, National Fire Codes, etc.).

(9) Conducts surveys of indoor/outdoor ranges within the state. Advises the senior safety specialist of their status and the necessary requirements to apply for waivers for non-standard ranges.

(10) Assists in the preparation of regulatory, quarterly and annual safety reports and other documents required by NGB, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), and United States Army Safety Center(USASC). Maintains log of recordable and reportable accidents/incidents within the state.

(11) May attend and participate in unit safety council meetings to determine potential problem areas and provide guidance in proper safety procedures.

(12) Provides guidance to unit commanders in the storage, handling and transportation of munitions, explosives and hazardous materials. Studies the safety impact of transporting these items and makes recommendations to ensure regulatory compliance. Recommends the procurement and distribution of safety promotional materials.

(13) Performs other duties as assigned.

Travel Required
  • Not Required
Relocation Authorized
  • No
Job Requirements
Key Requirements
  • Military requirement: E-6 thru CW2
  • MOS: Immaterial


Occupational Series GS-0018, Safety and Occupational Health, determines methods and procedures for controlling or eliminating hazards. It covers work in planning and executing formal investigations of reportable and non-reportable mishaps involving personal injury accidents, property damage, and cases of occupational illnesses that cover a wide range of work operations and conditions related to explosives systems, missile systems and/or weapons ranges. The work directs the development of specialized operating practices that modify or, when necessary based on interpretation of policies, standards, and regulations applicable to weapons/explosives safety, significantly depart from standard techniques. The Series encompasses the reviews of plans and specifications for new construction, major building alterations, and/or changes in installation equipment; and, monitors the project through completion to ensure compliance with safety codes and standards. The work involves technical safety training and instruction to supervisors, technicians, and unit safety representatives on topics such as, proper handling and storage of weapons and explosives, traffic safety techniques, proper storage of hazardous materials, common laboratory hazards and building evacuation procedures.


For entry into this specialty, completion of high school or general educational development equivalency is mandatory.


GS-09 (Intermediate Intern)

Performed periodic onsite surveys, to determine compliance with applicable occupational safety standards. Prepared or revised safety instructions and guides. Advised personnel of appropriate safety and occupational health measures to control or eliminate hazardous operating processes which may cause mishaps. Investigated mishaps, obtained statements from witnesses, and photographed mishap scenes. Recorded circumstances of mishaps and extent of injuries, prepared final report(s) of findings with recommendations to correct the unsafe acts or conditions which caused injuries or property damage.

Within your application package, you must explain how you gained the specialized experience required for this position. Applicants applying at the GS 09 level must have at least 24

months (GS 09) experience, education, or training in or directly related to this position and which has equipped the applicant with the particular knowledge, skills and abilities to successfully perform the duties of the position.

Security Clearance

Not Applicable

Additional Information
What To Expect Next

After the position closing date, your application will be reviewed in full. If qualified your application will be forwarded to the hiring official. If further evaluation or interview are required you will be contacted.



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Other Information

Salary Range: $48,968.00 to $63,654.00 / Per Year

Series & Grade: GS-0018-09/09

Supervisory Status: No


Control Number: 452527500

Job Announcement Number: 17-003