Sanofi Group Global Lead Dermatology and Respiratory in Cambridge (U.S.), Massachusetts

Global Lead Dermatology and Respiratory


Head of Dermatology and Respiratory

Job Purpose

Sanofi Genzyme’s Head of Dermatology and Respiratory isresponsible for the global commercial leadership of these two franchises,representing “the voice of the customer” while leading global strategicplanning. The initial focus of the roleis the successful commercialization of Dupilumab in both therapeuticareas. This executive will need to buildout teams and develop launch plans, strategies and tactics for the drug,coordinating closely with the development teams on the clinical trials, and theregions who will execute the launch. Inaddition, the Head of Dermatology and Respiratory will be the key point ofcontact for Genzyme’s collaboration with Regeneron. This individual will set on the GlobalMS/Immunology/Oncology leadership team, and will help shape company strategyacross specialty drugs. At the sametime, this individual will collaborate closely with other functions and regionsto develop the strategies and processes needed for longer term success.

Key Accountabilities

Accountabilities for the Head of Respiratory andDermatology include but are not limited to:

Dupilumab Launch :

  • Develop and execute global commercial strategies,tactics and action plans to guide and support country commercial efforts andnew product launches in the areas of Dermatology and Respiratory. Maximize program revenue by defining anoptimal launch/LCM sequence as well as a global market access strategy

  • Build two highly capable Launch Preparation Teams(Asthma, Dermatology) in order to secure launch readiness in partnership andalignment with co-promote partner Regeneron.

  • Build and maintain a KOL networkin support of all key indications

Ongoing Strategic Leadership :

  • Channel the voice of the customer to build theStrategic Long Range Plan for the Dermatology and Respiratory Franchise

  • Builds link between brand strategy andpricing/market access activities

  • Manage the key interfaces with ID&I (Devices),R&D teams as well as Regeneron (Dupilumab) in order to ensure alignment onProducts, Ambition, Strategy and Investments not under Specialty Care Divisioncontrol.

  • Support Countries to prepare long term Dermatologyand Respiratory commercial organization needs and synergies with existinglocal portfolio/existing specialty Field Forces

  • Prepare LCM/PPM plan to support further indications

  • Support primary market research to gain a clearunderstanding of the opportunities and challenges facing launch countries toguide key decisions.

Ongoing Operational Leadership :

  • Attract, develop, motivate and retain a strong team

  • Analyze, develop and execute processes forstreamlined communications among Immunology Business Unit and Support Functionmanagement, including Clinical Development, Medical Affairs and Regeneronpartnership. These processes should include mechanisms to appropriatelyescalate identified challenges for timely resolution.

  • Build internal and external awareness about SanofiGenzyme commitment, in the Respiratory and Dermatology space so that we becomevisible & attractive for internal / external third parties looking atsynergies/partnerships

  • Support on-going product training and disease-stateeducation to ensure development of strong clinical knowledge throughoutcommercial teams.

  • Lead development of annual Dupilumab budget andparticipate in the roll-up and negotiation of annual country budgets; monitorand help to manage Dupilumab operationaland financial performance in partnership with regional business leaders on anongoing basis, working closely with regional and BU finance personnel andreviewing key financial performance indictors regularly to proactively identifyrisks and opportunities. Coordinate and drive development of the Globalmarketing and training operational plan and budget, prioritizing activities tosuccessfully meet financial and operational objectives.

Size of Team

The Head of Oncology and Respiratory willinitially lead a team of 14, although that is expected to grow. This includes 3-5 direct reports, whichincludes a global head of commercial strategy, a market research lead, andstrategic leads in both Europe and Asia.

Role Location

The role is located at Genzyme’s headquarters inCambridge, Massachusetts.

Critical Competencies Required:

Customer Focus

The ideal candidate will have a passion for connecting with the patientswho benefit from the company’s products. S/he will have proven the ability to build relationships with keystakeholders in the space such as thought leaders and relevant affinitygroups. S/he will have built teams whohave a culture which looks at every challenge through the patient’s eyes.

Collaboration/ Influence

The qualified candidate must have demonstrated the ability to influencedecision-making across diverse functional areas and all levels of management, creatingalignment and high performance across a range of stakeholders. S/he will work seamlessly and build trust,alignment and highly productive relationships with all of the functions in theorganization, and be adept at working with leaders in other geographies.S/he will not only be effective working with these individuals, but willpersonally have a collaborative, low ego style – critical within the Genzymeculture.


The candidate is able to articulate evolvingpriorities for the Dermatology and Respiratory franchises. S/he will identify and understand marketopportunities, and create strategic plans (including launch plans) whichmaximize the potential of the products. This includes the ability to strategically assess customer/payer needsand build/execute specific, segmented strategies to win business across adiverse set of customers/payers in multiple geographies.The successful candidate will recognize emergingtrends anticipating and monitoring market changes and how they will affect theway business is carried out in the industry.


Actively engages the team to develop plans andresolve issues through collaborative problem solving, gains commitment. Works to develop his/her people to help themperform and grow within the company.




Functional Experience



Experience and expertise in Dermatology and/or Respiratory therapeutic areas


Experience in developing successful commercial strategies, and in launching a new drug


Experience working in a global commercial position within a complex operational environment


Experience leading a commercial partnership


Experience developing medical strategy for new indications


Other Qualifications

Master’s degree in relevant field


PhD in a relevant scientific field


Job: Operational Management

Primary Location: United States-Massachusetts-Cambridge (U.S.)

Job Posting: Aug 10, 2016, 2:41:37 PM

Job Type: Regular

Employee Status: Regular