SC Department of Public Safety Registered Nurse II-PH/IMM-Mt Pleasant in Charleston County, South Carolina

Under supervision of the team leader and minimal supervision of the site supervisor and program manager, provides culturally competent nursing care for individuals, families, and the community, including counseling, treatment and referral to individuals in the Preventive Health program area. Utilizes the nursing process and approved training in evaluating and accurately documenting client encounters/outcomes. Promotes wellness through activities geared towards prevention and reduction of risk factors, early detection and identified health problems. Determining vaccine eligibility per program policy. Utilizes the nursing process to assess the health of clients including: obtaining an appropriate history and risk assessment per program policy. Develops and implements individual plan of care based on subjective and objective findings to include: Provision of immunizations per standing orders, Provision of counseling for required and recommended vaccines including next appointment needed, Refer as indicated for precautions and/or contraindications. Provides follow-up per program guidelines to include: Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS), Vaccine management including Disaster Recovery Plan storage and handling, inventory, and ordering. Participates in Emergency Preparedness and Response to include: Maintaining personal and family emergency plans. In the event of a declared emergency provide for the needs your family and then report for assignment. Actively participates in preparedness training which includes exercises and drills at the regional level; Participates in routine training and updates in sheltering, personal protective equipment, packaging and shipping, disease investigation and containment, mass vaccination clinics etc. In the event of a declared emergency is subject to 24 hour duty on call and deployment to other areas of the state. Nursing response assignments may include, but not limited to sheltering operations, disease outbreak investigation, mass dispensing activities, community education, or other activities as directed. Provides nursing care per Agency policies/procedures, standing medical orders, and patient specific medical orders. Splits nursing care among the Preventive Health (60%) and Immunizations (40%) programs. Promotes quality culturally-competent customer service. Maintains strict confidentiality. Minimum and Additional Requirements: A Bachelor of Science (BS) in Nursing and current licensure as a Registered Nurse by the State Board of Nursing for South Carolina or a compact state. Institutions of higher learning must be recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. NOTE: A copy (official or unofficial) of your transcript(s) must be uploaded as an attachment with your application for interview consideration. If offered a position, an OFFICIAL COPY of transcript(s) is (are) required prior to hiring. Preferred Qualifications: One (1) year of nursing experience

Job Title: Registered Nurse II-PH/IMM-Mt Pleasant

Agency: Department of Health & Environmental Control-PH Region-Low Country

Opening Date: Tue. 10/18/16

Closing Date/Time: Thu. 11/03/16 5:00 PM Eastern Time

State Salary Range: $48,622.00 - $89,956.00 annually

Agency Hiring Range: Min: $48,622.00 Max:$52,092.00

Job Type: FTE - Full-Time

Location: Charleston County, South Carolina

Normal Work Schedule: Monday - Friday (8:30 - 5:00)