Hanover Foods Corporation Inventory Control / Traffic Lead in Clayton, Delaware

This job was posted by https://joblink.delaware.gov : For more information, please see: https://joblink.delaware.gov/ada/r/jobs/523243 1)Order all ingredients and packaging based on MRP report, ordering minimum amounts needed to ensure safety stock and production support including but not limited to the following:

a)Check inventory to support scheduled production in a timely manner

b)Follow up on all orders placed to ensure timely delivery

c)Investigate all transactions resulting in yield loss and all discrepancies

d)Initiate and perform daily cycle counting

2)Perform required BPCS and audit functions to assure accurate reporting of the following:

a)Production Operations

b)Shipping and Receiving

Including filling out the tickets and recording numbers

c)Ingredient usage

d)Enter new locations

e)Review all transfers to Outside Facilities and correct if issues.

3)Must be fully trained and knowledgeable of the following BPCS inquiries:

a)Material Status

b)Lot Trace/Product Retrieval

c)Bill of Materials

d)Grower System

4)Coordinate and assist with physical inventories of ingredients and packaging.

5)Maintain files and records, as required, to assure easy access to historic and current inventory information.

6)Schedule all incoming and outgoing trucks making dock appointments for all.

7)Perform other duties as assigned by Management

8)Oversee all Warehouse Employees.