Bio-Rad Labs LSG Field Application Specialist GZ((Field) Application Spec II) in Guang zhou, China

Job Description

  1. Calling on current customers on a regular basis to provide adequate technical support

for their proper use of products 定期联络当前客户为其正确使用产品提供充分的技术支持 2. Support the installation, application and troubleshooting of products upon the request of customers and sales/marketing staffs 根据客户和销售/市场人员需求支持产品的安装,应用和解决疑难杂症 3. Working closely with service team coordinate on all customer service related matters 与维修部门就所有客户服务相关事务密切合作 4. Ensuring all customer calls related to job are handled on time to their satisfaction 确保所有客户相关的来电得到及时和满意的处理 5. Train and educate customers and staffs of distributor in collaboration with sales/marketing staffs 与销售/市场人员合作培训客户和经销商 6. Conduct presentation, demonstration and seminar upon the request of sales/marketing 根据销售/市场需求发表陈述,演示产品和主持讲座

  1. Regular distribution of product information and important notice of Company (Keeping You Informed) 发布产品信息和公司重要告示 8.Detailed and expert understanding of the technology and its possible applications over the full breath of Company products 细致、专业地掌握所有公司产品的技术和其应用
  2. Participate in training course for customer satisfaction and product knowledge 参与让客户满意和产品知识的培训课程
  3. Self study for all cases of customer complaint and troubleshooting 自学所有的客户投诉和疑难杂症案例
  4. Good communication and cooperation with all sales and marketing staffs 与所有销售和市场人员沟通良好
  5. Compliance to the Company reporting system (Weekly and monthly report) 遵守公司汇报系统(按月度,出差和会议汇报)

Required Experience

Minimum 1 years proven successful experience in the Technical support or Sales and marketing 具备在科研,生物企业,或技术支持、销售、市场领域至少1年的成功经验。

Tracking Code: 9154-446

Job Location: Guang zhou, Guangdong, China

Department: China LSG FAS GZ

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular