HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Patient Care Navigator RN in Kingwood, Texas


POSITION SUMMARY: _Major Tasks, Duties, And Responsibilities_

The Nurse Navigator functions as a member of the multidisciplinary team as an advocate and educator for patients from point of entry, through diagnostic studies, diagnosis and treatment plan for cancer through survivorship.

The Nurse Navigator’s primary function is to build a relationship with patients and physicians, to coordinate a plan of care including appointments, transportation, education, provision and / or enablement of support services and representation within the multidisciplinary care environment.

The Nurse Navigator also assumes responsibility and accountability for the management of resources to achieve efficient, high quality outcomes for each cancer patient including support for interdisciplinary and cross facility collaboration e.g. tumor boards, and referrer communication.

On an aggregate level, the Nurse Navigator will track performance of the program in line with HCA, division and facility goals (growth, quality, practice guidelines, etc.) and identify opportunities to streamline care practice, for example through development of evidence-based guidelines.

The Nurse Navigator will serve as a liaison between the patient and family, primary care physician, internal and external care providers, specialists, referrers, support network members e.g. social workers, and the wider healthcare community. This role will include conducting internal and external outreach and marketing.

Will be responsible for knowledge and skill necessary to provide care based on physical, psychological, educational, safety and related criteria for the neonate, infant, child, adolescent, adult and geriatric population.

DUTIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: * Serve as patient advocate from first suspicious finding to survivorship and follow-up. * Initiate contact with patient and introduce navigation program and role at time of suspicious finding (or at entry into the HCA care system, if later) and support to navigate the healthcare system. * Be available to patients and families throughout their care as an open, knowledgeable and empathetic contact for all care needs. * Respond to patient challenges until resolution is achieved. * Assess patients’ medical, social and psychosocial and other care needs * On an individual basis using appropriate tools to identify need and potential resolution e.g. quality of life assessments, clinical research study selection criteria. * Identify health disparities and remove barriers to care e.g. referral pathway barriers * Provide appropriate teaching, outreach, and education to patients and families. The aim of this work being to ensure the patient is empowered to manage his or her own health. * Explain the cancer care system to patients and their families throughout the care pathway. * Support providers to assist patients in understanding their diagnosis, treatment options, and the resources available, including educating eligible patients about appropriate clinical research studies and technologies. * Provide education on subjects that fall beyond the scope of individual modalities e.g. access to supportive care, financial support, return to work. * Provide education through formalized routine groups or classes to meet identified unmet needs in the community * Streamline appointments and paperwork by helping patients with scheduling appointments and preparation. * Ensure the organization of appointments, and explain the sequence of treatment to assure the treatment plans. * Provide Nursing support when and as needed for Interventional Breast Studies. * Ensure smooth transitions between care modalities, facilities and providers including introduction of patients to appropriate care givers. * Establish algorithms, documents, and formalized processes for transition in commonly followed care pathways. * Coach and help patients to remove barriers with issues of insurance, transportation, child care, financial resources, language so they may focus on getting the care they need. * Initiate referrals to hospital and community resources to connect patients with resources and support systems. * Conduct follow-up conversations as needed with all patients and communicate concerns, changes, or social needs in patient health to appropriate MD or other appropriate care providers. * Attend patient care planning conference and other meetings as necessary. * Ensure that appropriate patient data are available and patients are appropriately assessed and documented at patient care planning conferences including identification of appropriate clinical research study options. * Contribute as appropriate to patient care planning conference based on assessed patient need. * Track and document interventions and outcomes. * If appropriate, support definition of datasets and ensure appropriate data are collected to track system interventions and outcomes. * Ensure appropriate communication of patient progress to referring physicians and other care providers. * Work with data experts such as cancer registrars to support collection of data for e.g. national quality measures. * Drive process improvement. * Ensure reporting is in place to demonstrate program outcomes and support performance improvement activities. * Make appropriate recommendations for changes to the current program both locally and at a corporate level, and assist in delivering program improvement. * Conduct outreach to referrers, providers and other medical professionals as well as to the corporate customer’ community. * Establish and maintain positive working relationships with key internal and external customers (including e.g. physicians, nurses, radiology staff, social services staff, radiation oncology staff, business office staff, etc.). * Educate each constituent on the role and benefits of a navigation program and high quality cancer care. * Recognize scope and limitations of role and regularly access clinical supervision as a support to the role. * Provide referrers with timely data on patient progress. * Stay current on the latest oncology nursing developments and participate in conferences. * Ensure service continuity. * Establish appropriate mechanisms to ensure service continuity during both planned and unplanned absence and undertake succession planning. * Undertake other duties as assigned. * Practice and adhere to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and “Mission and Value Statement”.

POSITION QUALIFICATIONS: _ _ _Minimum Education and Training:_

  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) from an accredited school of nursing required OR completed BSN within 1 year of hire date.
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse preferred
  • Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) certification achieved or in progress preferred
  • Participation in professional organizations preferred

_Minimum Work Experience:_

  • Experience in program development preferred
  • Experience as a nurse navigator and / or patient educator in oncology preferred
  • Experience in leadership preferred
  • Experience in customer service preferred


  • Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification (BLS) required
  • Current RN license from Texas Board of Nursing
  • Oncology Certified Nurse (OCN) certification achieved or in progress required _ _ _ _



_Lifting & Carrying_ May be expected to lift __ to __pounds with assistance.

_Pushing & Pulling_ May be expected to push/pull__ to __pounds with assistance.

_Standing & Walking_ May be expected to be on his/her feet the majority of the shift to perform the essential functions of this job. Employee activities will be conducted over linoleum and carpeted floor.

_Bending & Stooping_ May be expected to bend and stoop frequently.

_Body Mechanics_ Will be expected to use proper body mechanics at all times. _ _ _Hand Use_ Manual dexterity is essential to perform designated duties. Both fine and gross motor skills are required. Working speed may be crucial.

_Talking/Hearing_ Used constantly in all duties in person, phone and in groups. Must be able to hear high and low pitch tones.

_Visual Acuity_* *Acuity near and far is used in all duties. Color vision is necessary in distinguishing colors in all duties.

_Talking/Hearing_ Used constantly in all duties in person, phone and in groups. Must be able to hear high and low pitch tones.


_Mathematics_ Must be able to perform moderately*simple *calculations utilizing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills.

_Memory_* *Must be able to retain information that is job specific such as safety regulations, current policies and procedures.

_Language Ability_* *Must have a command of the English language to be able to effectively communicate with co-workers, physicians, patients, families, visitors, and other healthcare professionals.

_Reasoning_* *Must be able to set priorities, organize work, delegate duties, and objectively evaluate and implement opportunities for improvement.

_Cognitive Skills_* *Must be constantly alert to the needs of staff and patient. Must be receptive to ideas, change, and challenge. Must show leadership, use good judgment, demonstrate initiative and work effectively with others. Must recognize his/her own limitations.


_Blood-borne Pathogens:_* Will beregularly*exposed to the risk of blood-borne diseases and body substances.


The following is a listing of equipment personnel should be competent to operate. This is not meant to be all inclusive and may be expanded based on addition of new technology.

  1. Basic office equipment
  2. Basic office computer skills
  3. Basic computer program knowledge
  4. Patient Monitoring equipment


Leadership, Technical Ability, Initiative/Follow Through, & Flexibility

  1. Supports the philosophy of Kingwood Medical Center by facilitating cooperation of hospital staff in a multi-disciplinary approach to patient care.
  2. Consistently provides outstanding service to all patients, physicians, fellow employees, and guests.
  3. Displays initiative to see processes through to completion and offers assistance without being asked.
  4. Maintains awareness of own limitations and seeks guidance from appropriate personnel as needed.
  5. Prioritizes activities of self based on demands for service.
  6. Remains alert to the detection of errors in own work and the work of others with appropriate corrective actions initiated.
  7. Demonstrates an understanding of patient rights, including those pertaining to confidentiality, informed decision-making, and privacy.
  8. Is aware of resources available for ethical concerns and makes appropriate referrals.
  9. Practices cost-efficiency.
    1. Performs technical skills proficiently in accordance with established standards, as evidenced by annual validation processes.
    2. Utilizes specialized knowledge and skill to perform job requirements.
    3. Adheres to Tardiness/Attendance policy.

Communication, Customer Focus & Teamwork

  1. Communicates effectively with patients, physicians, hospital personnel, and others to fulfill position responsibilities.
  2. Actively participates in hospital and departmental group meetings.
  3. Consistently responds to requests in a positive, professional, and timely manner.
  4. Consistently demonstrates behavior which reflects that working as a team is more important than self-interest.
  5. Demonstrates interpersonal competencies such as effective problem-solving, negotiation, and conflict management skills.
  6. Consistently maintains a professional level of conduct.
  7. Facilitates communication with patients, physicians, guests, and co-workers.
  8. Consistently demonstrates courteous and positive behaviors, e.g. smile, pleasant tone of voice, positive eye contact.
  9. Utilizes appropriate lines of accountability for the continuous improvement of quality.

    1. Ensures that problems/concerns regarding departmental activities are communicated with Director.
    2. Ensures that problems/concerns regarding activities in the hospital are communicated appropriately.
    3. Protects confidentiality of patients/co-workers, respecting their dignity, privacy, and differences.
    4. Shows respect for hospital property and the property of others.

Personal Development/Learning Focus

  1. Assumes responsibility for professional growth and development of self, utilizing professional organizations, workshops, seminars, and other self-directed learning activities as applicable.
  2. Maintains awareness of current developments and trends in the provision of patient care services.
  3. Maintains awareness of current hospital and departmental operational policies and procedures which impact on responsibilities of position.
  4. Utilizes appropriate safety precautions and principles of good body mechanics at all times.
  5. Is knowledgeable of standards established by Kingwood Medical Center including, but not limited to: Fire, Safety, Infection Control, Disaster, and Universal Precautions.
  6. Assists with the development of all personnel on his/her shift, including unit specific orientation and continuing education.

Performance Improvement & Business Sense

  1. Actively participates in both departmental and hospital-wide process improvement efforts.
  2. Plans and implements through multi-disciplinary means, strategies to reduce length of stay, and over/inappropriate consumption of resources.
  3. Recognizes unsafe acts or conditions as defined by Kingwood Medical Center policies and procedures, and takes immediate action to correct.


(Department Directors/Managers/Supervisors)

  1. Supportive of the ethics and compliance programs set forth by HCA and demonstrated by:

  2. Upholding code of conduct.

  3. Adhering to dealing appropriately and fairly with employee misconduct.
  4. Enforcing all ethics and compliance policies as they pertain to his/her area.
  5. Providing and assuring ethics and compliance education as requested by the ECO and/or corporate initiative.
  6. Setting an example to all staff in their daily activities.


(All Staff)

  1. Employee reflects HCA’s values and a sensitivity to HCA’s ethics and compliance principles in his/her daily activities.

  2. Adheres to policies on appropriate access.

  3. Respects patient confidentiality.
  4. Upholds code of conduct.

Title: Patient Care Navigator RN

Location: Texas-Kingwood-Kingwood Medical Center - Kingwood

Requisition ID: 03198-69624