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  • Lame Deer, MT
Work Schedule is Full Time - Permanent

Opened Friday 10/14/2016 (10 day(s) ago)

** Closes Monday 11/28/2016 (35 day(s) away)

Job Overview

The Indian Health Service (IHS) is the principal federal health care provider and health advocate for American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN). The IHS goal is to raise Indian health status to the highest possible level. IHS provides leadership and direction to programs and activities designed to improve health outcomes to over 1.9 million AI/AN through a system of IHS, Tribal, and Urban operated facilities and programs.

The IHS is required by law to give absolute preference to qualified applicants who meet the Secretary of the Interior's definition of Indian for appointment to vacancies within the IHS in accordance with established IHS policy as outlined in the Indian Health Manual Part 7, Chapter 3. The IHS is an Equal Opportunity Employer. OPEN UNTIL FILLED: THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS OPEN UNTIL THE VACANCY IS FILLED. IT MAY BE EXTENDED OR CLOSED PRIOR TO THE CURRENT CLOSING DATE. FIRST CUT OFF DATE FOR APPLICATIONS IS 10 BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE OPEN DATE AND EVERY 10 BUSINESS DAYS THEREAFTER. This position is being re-advertised to solicit additional applications. Applicants who applied previously need not reapply unless submitting updated and/or missing information. This position is being announced concurrently under Excepted Service Examining Plan/Merit Promotion Plan (ESEP/MPP) procedures. Please review vacancy announcement number ++IHS-R1-BI-1749318-ESEP/MP++; for eligibility requirements. NOTE: Applicants must apply separately for each announcement in order to be considered This position is located within the Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, Northern Cheyenne Service Unit, Lame Deer, MT.


• Evaluate and diagnose physical therapy health-related conditions. • Perform professional assessment of evaluated findings; develop goals and treatment plans for patient care; implement appropriate treatment based on individual patient needs. • Educate individuals in the nature of health-related conditions and available services as applicable to the scope of physical therapy practice, recommended therapy, and the general promotion of health and prevention of illness/disease. • Record patient-provider transactions and complete required consults necessary for patient care via the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Travel Required
  • Occasional Travel
  • Occasional travel may be required.
Relocation Authorized
  • No
Job Requirements
Key Requirements
  • The selected applicant will be subject to a pre-employment background
  • investigation, which will include a fingerprint check.
  • If applicable-Selective Service registration (Males born after 12/31/59)
  • U.S. Citizenship is required

To qualify for this position, your resume must reflect sufficient experience and/or education, to perform the duties of the position for which you are applying. Your resume is key in evaluating your experience, as they relate to this position. Therefore, we encourage you to be clear and specific when describing your work experience. Substitution of Graduate Level Education: Your graduate level education may be substituted in whole or part for the specialized experience required in this position. Your graduate level education must be related to the job being filled and must have provided you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to successfully perform the work of the position to be considered for substitution of specialized experience. Submit a copy of your college transcript if you are requesting IHS to consider your graduate level education in determining your qualifications Your education and work experience may be combined to meet the qualification requirements of this position. BASIC REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL GRADES Degree: that included or was supplemented by (1) a physical therapy curriculum approved by a recognized professional accrediting organization at the time the curriculum was completed, and (2) the clinical affiliation requirements prescribed by the school. Licensure: Applicants must pass a State-administered national examination. GS-09: 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least GS-07 OR 2 years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a master's degree or master's or equivalent graduate degree To qualify based on specialized experience for GS-9 level, you must have one year of experience (equivalent to the GS-7) level that included duties such as: Administer physical therapy to general medical and surgical patients whose condition generally involves a single disability without secondary complications. Carry out full range of treatment procedures using heat, light, water, massage, therapeutic exercise, training in use of prosthetic devices. Perform and interpret results of manual muscle and nerve tests, skin temperature and resistance tests, joint motion tests. Evaluate patient's response to treatment. Revises treatment plan when patient fails to respond or shows adverse reactions to agent used in treatment. GS-11: 1 year of specialized experience equivalent to at least GS-09 OR 3 years of progressively higher level graduate education leading to a Ph.D. degree or Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree. To qualify based on specialized experience for GS-11 level, you must have one year of experience (equivalent to the GS-09 level) that included duties such as: Plan and carry out a full range of treatment where therapeutic objectives are complex and the procedures involved require the application of highly specialized skills and knowledge. Perform tests and measurements involving manual or electrical means; and interpret results. Devise adaptations of equipment to meet the specific needs of patients. Employ unusual motivational techniques to obtain the participation of the patient in his/her rehabilitation. Coordinate and employ simultaneously several treatment approaches to accomplish complex treatment objectives. Participate with health care team in providing consultation services on patient management, discharge planning, and training as appropriate.

You must meet the requirements of the job by 11:59 (Eastern Standard Time) of the closing date: Monday, November 28, 2016

Security Clearance

Q - Nonsensitive

Additional Information
What To Expect Next

Once the online questionnaire is received you will receive an acknowledgement email that your submission was successful. Applicant MUST verify the completeness and successful submission of their applications by logging into the USAJobs Application Manager to check the “Status”. Your qualifications for the job will be reviewed against other applicants to determine, if you will be referred to the hiring manager for further consideration and possible interviews. We will notify you of the outcome after each of these steps have been completed. After making a tentative job offer, we will conduct a suitability/security background investigation.

You will no longer need to call the HR Office to determine your application status. USAJOBS has added an alert setting to their system to provide status updates for applicants. You can elect to activate the status updates from your USAJOBS profile at any point during the application process.

If all required documentation is not submitted with your application you will lose consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify that information and documents entered, uploaded, or faxed is received, legible and accurate. HR will not modify answers submitted by an applicant.

Indian Health Service is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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Other Information

Additional selection(s) of candidates may be possible within 90 days from the date the certificate of eligibles was issued for this announcement.

A one-year probationary period may be required upon selection/placement.

This position is covered by a Bargaining Unit.


  • Security Clearance: If you are selected for this vacancy, you must undergo a fingerprint check. Fingerprint results must be cleared prior to hire. You will receive instructions on how to obtain and submit fingerprints. After you begin your employment, your continued employment is contingent upon the outcome of a complete background investigation as determined by the sensitivity level of your position. The investigation must find that you are suitable for Federal employment in your position. If you are found not suitable, you will be terminated after you begin work. If you make a false statement in any part of your application, you may not be hired; you may be fired after you begin work; or subject to possible criminal charges.
  • Selectee(s) are required to have a viable bank account at a financial institution for electronic direct deposit of salary payment

IHS - Operated Properties are tobacco free

Salary Range: $48,403.00 to $76,131.00 / Per Year

Series & Grade: GS-0633-09/11

Promotion Potential: 11

Supervisory Status: No

Who May Apply: United States Citizens; PHS Commissioned Officers interested in performing the duties of this position within the Commissioned Corps MUST apply to the merit promotion announcement in order to receive consideration.

Control Number: 453488400

Job Announcement Number: IHS-R4-BI-1546687-DE