HCA, Hospital Corporation of America PACU Nurse PRN in Las Vegas, Nevada

GENERAL SUMMARY OF DUTIES: Contributes to the company by utilizing the nursing process in planning, executing, and evaluating the nursing care rendered postoperatively until patient is dismissed from the facility.

SUPERVISOR- Nurse Manager, Nurse Supervisor, or designee.



OPERATIONAL DUTIES INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: * Demonstrates necessary practical, technical, or specialized skills required for the role of the post-operative nurse in accordance with patient care and regulatory standards of practice. * Prepares patient care area adequately and ensures availability of necessary equipment and supplies. * Demonstrates proper airway management techniques (oral airway, extubation, pulse oximetry monitoring, O2 administration, etc.) * Demonstrates understanding of principles of hemodynamic monitoring and monitors patient according to policy (vital signs, temperature, cardiac, etc.). * Recognizes signs and symptoms of patient’s condition that indicate potential post procedure or anesthesia related complications and report to anesthesiologist immediately. * Monitors and maintains proper intravenous intake and output. * Exhibits proper technique for insertion, maintenance, and removal of IV catheters and saline locks. * Performs head to toe assessment of patient and evaluates patient utilizing approved scoring system upon admission and as indicated by policy. * Documents patient assessment upon admission.
* Checks dressings and operative site and reports abnormalities to the surgeon. * Provides a safe and comforting environment for patient and family while restraining patient for safety reasons, as needed and in accordance with facility policy. * Prepares and administers medications in accordance with current practice (i.e. antibiotics, narcotics, preparing/labeling medications, identifying high alert medications, utilizing 7 patient rights for medication administration and appropriate handling of narcotic waste). * Demonstrates thorough understanding of medications utilized intra and poster operatively and recognizes the need for use of reversal drugs, when necessary. * Recognizes emergency situations and responds effectively in a calm and controlled manner. * Prepares patient for transfer to hospital when necessary. * Assures that patient meets all discharge criteria. o Patient is evaluated by a physician/anesthesia provider prior to discharge.
o Written discharge order is received from the attending physician prior to patient discharge. o Patient is discharged home with a responsible adult, unless otherwise approved by physician. * Confirms that patient and family receives and verbalizes understanding of written discharge instructions. * Documents all appropriate patient information in accordance with charting guidelines. * Conducts patient post procedure calls. Documents and reports to patient’s physician any abnormalities communicated by patient/family member during the follow up call. * Takes responsibility for careful and accurate handling and/or logging of narcotics. * Utilizes appropriate body mechanics in moving patients and stretchers to prevent injury to patient and self. * Complies with principles of hand hygiene, aseptic and sterile technique.
* Demonstrates knowledge related to maintenance and cleanliness of instruments and equipment. Maintains a sanitary environment for the provision of patient care. * Appropriately handles the disposal of biohazardous materials. * Restocks area daily, using appropriate par levels and daily stock sheets. * Spends appropriate time and energy on tasks and assignments based on the policies that are supportive of the Center’s goals and objectives. * Functions independently according to job responsibilities and within scope of practice utilizing current standards of care. * Takes personal initiative to maintain current RN licensure, BCLS, ACLS, and PALS (if indicated) and other professional certifications current as defined by job role. * Uses facility resources appropriately and avoids wasteful practices. * Attends all mandatory in-services, staff meetings, and participates in emergency drills. * Participates in the orientation of new employees. * Completes annual competency and other required education as assigned. * Maintains confidentiality and security of records and patient information at all times.

Age Specific Care: * The patient care requirements may include those of pediatric, child, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations.

BEHAVIORAL SPECIFIC EXPECTATIONS: * Adheres to all company and Center policies. * Adheres to HCA Code of Conduct and HIPAA requirements. * Adheres to personnel policies which specify privileges and responsibilities of employment, including: compliance with an adverse incident reporting system, quality improvement program, patient safety initiatives, and risk management program. * Participates in Best Practices, Quality/Risk Initiatives, RCA’s and other teams to improve patient care. * Interacts with patients, fellow employees, physicians, and other stakeholders in a manner which encourages quality patient care, harmonious working relationships, positive customer relations, and enhances the image and reputation of the center.
* Demonstrates dependability and accountability. * Demonstrates a willingness to help others. * Supports the center’s mission by providing flexibility in assignment changes, dependability in attendance, punctuality, timely completion of assignments. * Maintains a professional image through proper attire, language, and conduct. * Keeps management informed of any malfunctions in instruments, equipment, and supplies. * Displays willingness to speak up about safety issues or change practices to enhance safety. * Asks for help when needed


  • Knowledge of peri-operative care standards and post-anesthesia techniques.
  • Demonstrates attention to detail by ensuring that all documentation is legible, complete, accurate, and factual.
  • Knowledge of organizational policies, procedures, systems, and objectives.
  • Maintains advance knowledge of advances in peri-operative field of nursing.
  • Has knowledge of patient rights and strives to improve patient outcomes by respecting each patient’s cultural, psychosocial, and spiritual values.
  • Knowledge of applicable regulatory, compliance, and accreditation standards and requirements.
  • Possesses critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrates a willingness to listen to others and openly expresses respect for differing opinions.
  • Demonstrates leadership, effective organizing, and planning skills.
  • Effective problem solving skills to include data analysis and judgment to make effective decisions.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • High Impact Communication - Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Computer Skills – Knowledge and basic use of computer skills.
  • Maintains high level of confidentiality at all times.
  • Ability to build trust and gain respect through effective team leadership and participation skills.

*EDUCATION: * * Graduate from an accredited school of professional nursing.

EXPERIENCE: * Minimum 2 years experience in a PACU or ICU setting; preferably in an ambulatory surgery center. * Additional specialty experience may be required as per facility practices(i.e. Pediatric, GI, etc)

CERTIFICATION/LICENSE: * Active RN license as required by state of employment. * Required valid BCLS Certification upon employment. *online certification not acceptable. * ACLS required. * PALS as required by facility. PHYSICAL DEMANDS/WORKING CONDITIONS: * Work hours are variable based on patient care needs. * Ability to sit and stand for prolong periods of time, ability to walk, some bending, stooping and stretching; * Capability for overhead and low reaching activities; * Requires hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate a keyboard, photocopier, telephone, and occasional use of other office equipment; * Requires normal range of hearing/eyesight/voice projection to record, prepare, and communicate appropriately.
* Physical strength for equipment needs and patient care activities; may require frequent lifting/moving up to 50 pounds and occasional lifting/moving in excess of 50 pounds;
* Ability to move quickly in response to patient needs. * Ability to make constant/frequent judgment/response to problem. * Exposure to noisy equipment.
* Subject to varying and unpredictable situations, high stress/pressure, handles emergency or crisis situations, regular interaction with emotional patients and/or family members. * Work may involve exposure to infections, communicable diseases and hazardous materials, and blood and body fluids.

Title: PACU Nurse PRN

Location: Nevada-Las Vegas-Las Vegas Surgicare

Requisition ID: 07386-2407