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The Property Maintenance Person is responsible for the overall maintenance of the property and equipment as assigned by members of Management. The Property Maintenance Person functions as a member of the Maintenance Team.


This document in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the individual occupying this position. This is a representative list of the general duties, and is not intended to be all-inclusive. The following requirements may change depending on the individual property and may change over time.

• People Excellence: Exhibit a Heart for Service for Guests and Team Members with a dedication to great customer service and teamwork.

• Product Excellence: Repair and Maintain the property as outlined in the Maintenance Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) which includes the following:

 Complete duties as outlined in the Preventive Maintenance Program

 Conduct routine maintenance orders as scheduled in Service Channel

 Complete Maintenance Request Forms

 Record and keep required maintenance records

 Maintain swimming pool

 Perform paint and drywall repair

 Maintain and repair common areas

 Perform routine electrical and plumbing maintenance throughout the property

 Maintain and make adjustments to the climatic control system

 Install television sets

 Keep work shop in order and tool kit inventory in place. Report par stock needs to manager

 Maintain tools and equipment

 Notify management where major repairs are needed

 Partner with any assigned vendors performing work on the property

• Guest Excellence: Assist guests with maintenance problems related to their stay at the property in order to create a positive guest experience

• Partner Excellence: Partner with Clean Team and Welcome Team to ensure a quality product and experience for the guest. May perform duties from other positions as needed or assigned in order to maintain proper operations of the property

• Other duties: Participate in all training and safety meetings. Miscellaneous other tasks as required and assigned by General Manager or any other member of Management which may include cross functional job duties. All Team Members are expected to act in a safe manner at all times and report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately


• Basic reading and writing skills

• Basic communication skills

• Able to pass a property maintenance assessment

• Prior experience with property maintenance, preferably in the hospitality environment

• Ability to work with minimal supervision and follow written and verbal work instructions

• Working safely is a condition of employment. Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

• New hires, must meet all Motel 6 / Studio 6’s employment qualifications in place at time of hiring


The individual occupying this position must be able to perform essential job functions and the general duties and responsibilities with or without reasonable accommodation. The physical demand level for this position is Heavy.

The following requirements may change depending on the individual property and according to the confines of the workspace available for any required task:

Constant Activity (2 / 3rds or more of work time)

• Move about property to inspect for necessary repairs at a moderate pace

• Walk about property to inspect for necessary repairs at a moderate pace

• Simple grasping at a moderate pace

• Firm power grasping at a moderate pace

• Reaching at all levels

• Pushing and pulling (for example, using cart to transport supplies, tools, or equipment such as a power washer

• Lift clipboard, hand tools, light bulbs up to 10 lbs.

Frequent Activity (1 / 3rd to 2 / 3rd of work time)

• Stand to paint, inspect rooms, record data

• Manipulation skills

• Lift and carry bags of garbage, boxes of supplies, ladders, and other items between 11 and 40 pounds

• Kneel, crouch, and reach as necessary to repair plumbing and air conditioning units, paint, maintain property

• Bend and stoop at waist / torso at a moderate pace

Occasional Activity (Up to 1 / 3rd of work time)

• Sit to record data in the computer and for meetings

• Climb stairs and ladders

• Balance to climb

• Lift 5-gallon pails of paint, a/c units, and other items between 40 and 100 pounds

• Bend and twist neck and head

Additional Critical Functions

• Use of Senses: Ability to communicate, smell, near and far acuity, depth perception, color vision and field of vision

• Cognitive Factors: Reading and writing comprehension, basic math / calculations, complex problem solving, computer work, (i.e., electronic email, typing notes, data entry, accessing company systems)

• Environmental Factors: Working around equipment and mechanical moving parts, walking on uneven ground, exposure to weather and extreme temperatures, exposure to cleaning products and chemicals

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