HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Mammography Specialty Technician in Marietta, Georgia

Job Title: Mammo Specialty Technician

Department: Clinical

Reports To: Nurse Manager

Job Purpose: To provide radiology services to the patients at Marietta Surgical Center as ordered by the physicians. To be an integral team member and assist in departmental functions as requested. Applies the Critical thinking skills and rational thinking when planning and implementing patient care and when organizing daily assignments.

_Performance Standards for Radiology Technologist_

A. Maintains the radiology department

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Orders supplies and film for radiological procedures 2. Responsible for radiology equipment use, care and cleaning. 3. Participates in BDP and QA controls and/or studies as needed 4. Coordinates maintenance and repair of radiology equipment.
5. Performs semiannual testing of lead aprons and lead shields. 6. Monitors dosimeter badges monthly 7. Maintains QA logs 8. Assures continuity of registration of equipment wit the State of Georgia

B. Performs radiographs as required by the physician to assist in accomplishing a plan of care for the patient

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Responsible for portable radiography for operative procedures, post-operative chest x-rays, instrument counts for open operative procedures and KUB's 2. Responsible for portable fluoroscopy by performing live image photography for procedures such as nerve blocks, operative cholangiograms and orthopedic procedures 3. Responsible for stereotactic mammography by assisting the surgeon in performing sterotactic needle core biopsy 4. Responsible for all ultrasonographic procedures and assisting surgeons in performing all invasive ultrasound procedures

C. Participates in planning care for the mammotest patient (sterotactic position only)

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Assists in assessing the physical and environmental needs of the patient and plans care during the procedure 2. Prepares the mammotest room, supplies and equipment 3. Tests operational efficiency of equipment daily. 4. Sterilize and/or disinfect instruments and equipment 5. Assists surgeon with high degree of efficiency 6. Observes aseptic technique 7. Cares for specimens according to standards 8. Places sharps and hazardous materials into appropriate containers 9. Assists in preparing the patient for a procedure 10. Demonstrates the ability to take blood oxygenation during procedure and documents appropriately 11. Maintains accurate medical record of each procedure 12. Performs Time Out prior to procedure and according to policy guidelines

D. Utilizes interpersonal skills in an effective manner. Criteria for Evaluation:

  1. Sets the overall tone for peers by being professional, cheerful and pleasant, always displaying a positive attitude.
  2. Serves as resource person for peers and co-workers.
  3. Communicates with and provides assistance for patients, physicians, and personnel in a professional and courteous manner.
  4. Follows chain of command regarding intra or interdepartmental problems.
  5. Shares knowledge with co-workers through open communication.
  6. Is flexible and assists in other areas as needed. Incorporates teamwork attitude and atmosphere into daily work practice.
  7. Refrains from gossip.
  8. Is flexible and willing to vary work schedule.
  9. Accepts suggestions objectively, accepts constructive criticism and seeks guidance and assistance as needed.

E. Performs daily maintenance of the department

Criteria for Evaluation:
  1. Restocks supplies
  2. Keeps area and equipment clean and orderly

_Job Qualifications:_**

A. Education Requirements 1. Graduate of an approved school of Radiology Technology 2. A.R.R.T. certified in good standing 3. Minimum of one-year general radiology 4. Minimum of two years full time mammography

B.Physical/Mental Requirements 1. Able to withstand long and strenuous periods of work. 2. Audio and Visual acuity; physical dexterity. 3. Ability to clearly and effectively communicate with staff, physicians, patients, and supervisors. 4. Maintain a clean and neat appearance.

C. Specific Knowledge, Skill, and Experience 1. Knowledgeable in the use of all x-ray equipment used at M.S.C. 2. Knowledgeable in rules and requirements pertaining to radiation safety, 3. Can proficiently operate and maintain x-ray equipment. 4. Knowledge of operating room technique and procedures 5. Demonstrates knowledge of ultrasound equipment 6. Has a good command of medical terminology 7. Has a good command of anatomy and physiology 8. Knowledge of stereotactic principles and procedures 9. Knowledge of emergency and disaster procedure on department. D. Aptitude:

  1. Flexibility in performing various tasks involved in patient care and able to perform multiple tasks at once

    1. Evaluates suggestions objectively, accepts constructive criticism and seeks guidance as necessary
  2. Communicates clearly and effectively with staff, physicians, patients, and supervisors

  3. Ability to instruct and manage personnel in a professional manner

  4. Is able to organize and prioritize.

_Job Safety Concerns/Hazards:_**

  1. Exposure to x-ray/radiation
  2. Exposure to anesthetic gases
  3. Exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  4. Handle hazardous materials
  5. Exposure/injury to medical sharps.
  6. Exposure to latex

_General MSC Performance Standards:_**

A. Complies with the Center's Mission & Philosophy statement and Company Ethics and Compliance program

B. Adheres to HIPAA privacy rules and regulations as outlined by Corporate – including patient, physician and staff privacy.

C. Demonstrates dependability and accountability

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Reports to work as scheduled, is on time with no unexcused absences. 2. Accurately records daily arrival and departure through use of time clock. 3. Notifies supervisor/department in advance of tardiness or absence. 4. Accepts correction and/or constructive criticism. 5. Willingly accepts assignments and direction. 6. Works independently and is self-motivated. 7. Completes assigned tasks in a timely and professional manner. 8. Requests PTO off according to policy and submits written requests to coordinator for approval.

D. Demonstrates a Professional Image and Commitment to Excellence

Criteria for Evaluation:

1. Adheres to the Center's policies and procedures. 2. Maintains confidentiality of patient and employee information. 3. Maintains a professional image through proper attire, language, and conduct. 4. Attends required staff meetings 5. Attends required in-service training. 6. Participates in Total Quality Management activities requested. 7. Continually strives to improve knowledge and skills. 8. Obtains a minimum of eight CEU’s per year in Radiology, OR, or Pain management fields.

Title: Mammography Specialty Technician

Location: Georgia-Marietta-Marietta Surgical Center

Requisition ID: 08630-2092