College of Western Idaho Adjunct Support Faculty, Math Solutions Center in Nampa, Idaho


POSITION TYPE: Part-Time Non-Benefitted

RESPONSIBLE TO: Director, Math Solutions Center


The College of Western Idaho’s Mathematics Department invites applications for an engaging and flexible math teacher to enrich the lives of a diverse student body by cultivating their academic potential and engaging their commitment to civic responsibility in a dynamic and challenging world. The successful candidate will be dedicated to providing quality instruction to students preparing for college transfer courses. The successful candidate will be able to facilitate students’ applied learning experience in an emporium delivery model (learning-lab) with the aid of course software. To reach a broad range of students, MSC adjunct support faculty may be assigned in the evenings/weekends and at various campus locations. Qualified MSC adjunct support faculty may choose to teach transfer level math courses on an adjunct basis.

College of Western Idaho part-time support faculty in the Math Solutions Center (MSC) will be assigned specific time slots in the MSC to provide just-in-time assistance and guidance for students working on individualized curriculum in a learning-lab with computer software. Part-time MSC support faculty will assist students in the management of a learning schedule for the semester based on the results of the students’ diagnostic exam. Part-time MSC support faculty will assist students in choosing the best resources for their learning and will provide guidance for students in attaining their needed competencies. Part-time MSC support faculty will also be assigned a group of students with whom weekly communication will occur in accordance with established policies and procedures. Part-time MSC support faculty will participate in training in the use of the course software and in individual or group mentoring with MSC colleagues.

With campuses located throughout Boise’s vibrant and growing metropolitan area, the College of Western Idaho is the state’s newest community college. In addition to offering a full range of academic courses leading to transfer-ready Associate of Arts or Science degrees, CWI also serves as Southwest Idaho’s provider of Professional Technical Education, Adult Basic Education, Dual Credit courses, and Workforce/ Employment Skills Training. The College of Western Idaho serves over 12,000 credit students, over 7,800 non-credit students, and employs 350 faculty.


  • Facilitate learning-lab instruction and monitor student outcomes
  • Participate in professional training as necessary or required
  • Communicate with fulltime MSC personnel regarding maintenance of MSC equipment, supplies, and teaching resources
  • Demonstrate sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, ethnic, and disability backgrounds of community college students
  • Follow all standardized lab procedures, safety protocols, and department procedures and ensure students do the same
  • Be aware of and function within College policies and procedures
  • Convey by words and actions the values expected by CWI


  • Respond to questions from students as they learn to navigate within the course software
  • Assist students to manage their individual schedule for the term
  • Guide students as they work on homework and quizzes in any learning unit in their curriculum
  • Facilitate student review of the results of a quiz or test attempt
  • Monitor testing for any group of students in the testing area of the MSC
  • Facilitate small groups of students working together on a common competency
  • Provide regular communication to a group of assigned students related to their progress
  • Suggest steps a student may take to assist them in meeting their required competencies
  • Participate in individual or group mentoring with peers
  • Work with fulltime MSC support faculty, Site Coordinator, and Director to continually strengthen college prep math resources
  • Follow all standardized MSC procedures and math department procedures
  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in Math or Math Education and 5 years of experience teaching secondary or post-secondary level math courses; or Bachelor’s degree in Education with a math or science emphasis and at least 7 years of experience teaching secondary or post-secondary level math courses. MS/MA in mathematics, math education, secondary education with an emphasis in math, or a related degree, from a regionally accredited institution preferred
  • Experience using instructional technology to aid in course delivery
  • Ability to communicate effectively with students and staff
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software and general computer use
  • Three years’ experience teaching college mathematics preferred
  • Successful experience teaching at a community college or with adult learners preferred
  • Experience using instructional technology preferred

Tracking Code: 470-801

Salary Range: $770 per unit