HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Clinical Radiation Oncology OIS Manager in Nashville, Tennessee

Summary of Key Responsibilities: Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology is responsible for the build, implementation, and maintenance of a standardized radiation oncology enterprise program for HCA-affiliated facilities focused on quality, safety, outcomes, and operations. Central to this build is the consolidation and standardization of the oncology information system (OIS) amongst the 40 affiliated radiation oncology clinics to provide clinical workflow standardization and enterprise-wide analytics.

The Manager will work closely with the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology and IT teams as well as clinical staff and physicians to manage the clinical and operational aspects of the consolidated radiation oncology OIS. This position requires an in-depth understanding of the clinical and operational workflows of a radiation oncology clinic. Additionally, this position requires an advanced understanding of Varian’s Aria OIS platform for radiation oncology, and how the OIS integrates with clinical workflows and other technologies utilized within the radiation oncology clinic.

Duties and Responsibilities: Duties include but are not limited to: * Responsible for assisting the build and operational maintenance of the consolidated radiation oncology information system from the clinical perspective to support scalability, sustainability and analytical capability: * Assists in the planning and development of a consolidated OIS configuration that supports the strategic imperatives of the Sarah Cannon programmatic build * Collaborates with the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology team to identify and prioritize data elements to be captured within the OIS * Assists in analyzing and documenting the current-state workflows of radiation oncology facilities to ensure a smooth and successful transition to the consolidated OIS implementation by preventing potential issues * Acts as a clinical subject matter expert for the change management process regarding clinical and technical changes and the impact to the end users. * Serves as a subject matter expert in identifying gaps in action plans related to OIS deployments * Identifies areas for programmatic improvement based on data analysis, while utilizing data to drive performance improvement initiatives * Assists in the coordination and leading of meetings required to support the Sarah Cannon programmatic build and OIS implementation strategy * Exhibits strong leadership skills that can drive sustainable and repeatable successes as it relates to the programmatic build * Responsible for facilitating effective communication amongst all team members and leadership to ensure comprehensive understanding of needs, expectations and requirements of the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology program * Responsible for the educational processes (both development and implementation) as it relates to the consolidated OIS: * Assists in the development of education materials and the coordination of enterprise-wide end-user education in regards to the standardized and consolidated OIS to support the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology strategic imperatives * Serves as an expert resource to support HCA radiation oncology departments during the planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of the standardized OIS in order to promote best-practice workflows and enhance operational and clinical utilization of the OIS * Acts as a liaison between clinical leadership and Sarah Cannon as it relates to the implementation of clinical workflows and ad-hoc reporting * Develops and maintains processes to sustain standardization of the consolidated OIS: * Develops and implements clinical workflows and tools to ensure adoption of the standardized OIS and compliance amongst end-users * Implements reporting processes utilizing defined metrics to ensure the integrity and consistency of end-user data entry * Manages the dissemination of standing reports and dashboards to identified stakeholders and groups by virtue of their roles and responsibilities * Responsible for collaborating with the IT team as it relates to the data governance process and acts as a subject matter expert from the clinical perspective: * Collaborates with Sarah Cannon IT to coordinate upgrades and updates to the system, assess clinical impact of software changes, and make recommendations for the adoption of new features to support the programmatic build * Collaborates with the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology and IT teams to support the development of OIS analytics related to operational, clinical, and financial data * Acts as the clinical subject matter expert to validate analytical reports and dashboards * Assists and supports the Sarah Cannon Radiation Oncology and IT teams in evaluating the OIS to identify functional gaps and develop solutions to optimize OIS utilization Mandatory: * Practices and adheres to the “Code of Conduct” philosophy and “Mission and Value Statement” * During your employment with Sarah Cannon you will be routinely assigned training requirements. You are expected to complete any training assignments by the due date. Competencies Knowledge: * Strong knowledge of the clinical operations of a radiation oncology program including front office, clinical, treatment planning, and delivery processes, as well as revenue cycle * Strong knowledge of the Aria radiation oncology OIS to manage clinical, operational, and business aspects of the radiation oncology clinic within a paperless environment * Knowledge of applicable healthcare regulations pertaining to the utilization of an electronic medical record Skills: * Good communication/presentation skills with the ability to communicate effectively to varying audiences * Excellent organizational skills to facilitate implementation and maintenance of the OIS across multiple radiation oncology facilities * Demonstrated ability in successful project management, business analysis, problem solving, process development and improvement, and consensus building Abilities: * Possesses a strong team-oriented, results driven and collaborative style * Proven ability to work on multiple projects at once * Consistently maintains high levels of activity or productivity; sustaining long working hours when necessary; operating with vigor, effectiveness and determination over extended periods of time * Able to execute in a highly matrixed organization

Minimum Qualifications _ _ _Education:_

Minimum Required: Associates Degree

Preferred: Bachelors College Degree (4 yr program) _ _ _Experience:_

Minimum Required: Type of Experience- * At least 3 years of clinical experience with experience leading collaborative groups of clinical and non-clinical personnel * Radiation oncology experience required Preferred: Type of Experience- * 5-7 years Implementation experience preferred * 5-7 years Project management experience preferred INDAF #LI-ND1

Title: Clinical Radiation Oncology OIS Manager

Location: Tennessee-Nashville-Sarah Cannon Research Institute Clinical Operations

Requisition ID: 26140-3494