Rutgers University Post Doc Associate in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Posting Summary

In this position, you will develop a liver cell culture system under physiologically relevant oxygen tensions. The system will use newly developed oxygen carriers that enable precise control of the oxygen tension and also the formation of oxygen gradients similar to that found in actual liver. You will characterize the performance of the system and compare it to current standard liver cell culture systems. You will also begin to scale up the cell culture to a bioreactor scale suitable for testing as a liver assist device in conjunction with a rat liver failure model. These studies will therefore provide the first stepping stones towards future clinical development of a bioartificial liver assist device, which would evnetually involve large animal (pig) and human studies. This is a new collaborative project with Ohio State, which develops the oxygen carriers. Our role in this project is to evaluate the effect of the oxygen carriers on liver cells and to develop the bioreactor. In vivo studies are a very small part of the project and will not be done for at least two years. It is expected that the work will yield several high impact academic publications and presentations at national/international conferences.

Minimum Education and Experience

Candidate must have a PhD in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, or closely related field. Need to be familiar with general concepts about lab safety and procedures.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

PhD level is required because creative experimental design is inherently part of the development of the culture system.

Wet lab experience in a cell culture and biochemical assay environment, experience with fluorescence microscopy and staining methods, are strongly desirable. Experience using small research animals is desirbale but not required. Evidence of working well within scientific teams.


Although experimental design will be validated with the PI, candidate is expected to develop his/her own experiments, which involves choosing the input and output parameters, experimental systems, appropriate controls, number of replicates for statistical relevance. Also, it is possible, on occasion, that this position will involve developing new lab procedures and policies. As all members of the lab, this position involves following policies as well as enforcing them to others.

Recruitment/Posting Title: Post Doc Associate

Department: Engn - Biomedical Engineering

Salary: Commensurate With Experience

Equipment Utilized: Cell culture equipment, biochemical and molecular biology assay equipment.

Physical Demands and Work Environment: Expect to spend several hours per day in the lab, which involves standing for long periods.

Posting Number: 16FA1207

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