Natural Grocers Receiving Assistant in Parker, Colorado

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CO, Parker - 11402 S. Parker Rd (PR)


Job Summary

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for assisting the Receiving Manager the successful operation of the receiving department. This position has limited MOD responsibilities


Customer Service:

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. Customer service is the number one priority.

  2. Customers are greeted and serviced per company standards of World Class customer service.

  3. Customer complaints are handled appropriately and per company policy.

  4. Special orders are handled appropriately and per company policy.


The Receiving Assistant is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. All incoming products are received and recorded per company standards on a daily basis. This includes:

a. checking in all products by:

i. visually verifying product and lining up by UPC codes;

ii. handling all discrepancies and closing out PO before going to the next order

iii. moving discrepancy items into returns bin

iv. creating return purchase orders out of returns bin

b. checking all product expiration dates per company standard, as appropriate;

c. stamping the invoice with the date the product was received and writing the receipt number on the purchase order;

d. logging all UPS, Fedex and 3rd party shippers on to the Receiving Log;

e. ensuring that all checked-in product flows as smoothly and rapidly as possible to the sales floor;

f. ensuring that dairy, frozen or other perishable product which is not being immediately stocked is stored in the freezer or cooler;

g. checking the special order box for any special orders, setting aside special order products, and handling customer notification per company standard;

h. notifying the department manager if a special order does not come in.

i. closing known open purchase orders at the end of each day

  1. All incoming products from DSD vendors (goods receipt without a purchase order) are received and recorded per company standards on a daily basis. This includes:

a. ensuring that the vendor retrieves any expired or short-dated product from the sales floor and cooler brings it to the receiving department;

b. scanning all incoming product and matching the amount scanned with the amount shown on the invoice;

c. scanning all outgoing product;

d. stamping the invoice with the date the product was received and write the incoming and outgoing POs

e. logging all receipts onto the Receiving Log, as appropriate

  1. All discrepancies are handled per company standards on a daily basis. This includes:

a. researching discrepancy on the same day the PO is received to make sure it is a true discrepancy

b. calling the over-ships and miss-picks in to the vendors;

c. expired/damaged products and miss-orders are completed as returns to vendor.

  1. All invoices are processed daily and sent in to Home office twice each week per company standards. This includes:

a. All invoices are stamped and dated with receiver’s initials with a goods receipt number;

b. All invoices are logged appropriately, via the electronic logs on VC Link Central.

  1. All incoming product is received and checked-in according to the following priority:

a. dairy or other perishables;

b. frozen;

c. grocery;

d. vitamins;

e. body care.

  1. Communication occurs with other department managers and store staff as to what product is coming in, special orders, discounts, free fills and any other pertinent information; communicate with department managers about delivery status of loads.

  2. Produce orders are received per company standard in the absence of the Produce Manager or designated staff.

Management of Department Personnel:

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. Department personnel are trained, assigned tasks, and held accountable to accomplishing tasks per company standards.

  2. Tasks are assigned on a daily basis using company tasks sheets and monitored appropriately.

  3. He/she works with all other department managers to share staff to accomplish tasks as needed on a daily basis.

a. The Receiving Manager should also train and monitor the staff to ensure that they view the store as a whole and be prepared to assist customers in all areas of the store. This means working the front of the store if all tasks are completed in the back room

  1. He/she works with other department managers to cross-train staff to accomplish all needed tasks.

  2. He/she works with staff to ensure adequate product knowledge to meet customers’ needs

  3. He/she provides input to the store manager on department staff performance evaluations and/or conducts department staff performance evaluations with store manager input and direction.

  4. He/she helps the store manager interview and hire for department needs.

  5. He/she informs the store manager of department needs.

  6. He/she informs the store manager of performance and/or disciplinary issues within the department.

  7. Responsible for ensuring safety guidelines are followed at all times.

Management of Backup Receiver (when applicable):

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for training the backup receiver and is held accountable for how well the backup receiver is trained and applies what they’ve learned:

  1. The backup receiver needs to know and follow all of the receiving job description documentation;

  2. The backup receiver needs to read and understand the receiving job description and they must sign off after they read this documentation to show that they have completed this training.

Product Knowledge:

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for ensuring that:

  1. He/she continues to increase product knowledge, including trainings;

  2. He/she answers customer questions per company standards and policies, including the use of Structure/Function statements and/or statements of nutritional support.

  3. He/she knows what store resources to use to answer customer questions, including:

a. books;

b. Customer Literature Files;

c. company/vendor product information.

Cleanliness, Organization and Security:

The Receiving Assistant is responsible for ensuring that he/she and the department staff are:

  1. Following company policies, procedures and standards for cleanliness and organization, including:

a. keeping the backroom clean and organized;

b. ensuring that the backroom is swept and mopped daily;

c. posting a delivery schedule so that departments can schedule staff more efficiently;

d. following all inspection guidelines.

  1. Following company policies, procedures and standards to ensure that the backroom remains secure. This includes:

a. ensuring that the back door is kept closed and locked at all times, except when accepting deliveries;

b. ensuring that employees do not use the back door exit except at opening or closing or in case of emergency; exit at closing through back door, when applicable;

c. always being aware of what is happening and who is coming and going throughout the backroom and receiving area.

Store Operations:

  1. This position is not a 40 hour/week position on it’s own and so it is expected that the Receiving Assistant takes the initiative to seek out where additional help is needed in the store, with an emphasis on perishables, as well as providing backup across

the store.

  1. Work schedule is based on store needs which may include evenings and weekends.

  2. Typically the Receiving Manager is not assigned opening or closing MOD duties. They are required to open based on the responsibilities of their position.

Front End MOD (Manager on Duty) Responsibilities:

The Receiving Assistant is required to fulfill the following Manager on Duty (MOD) duties as assigned:

Shift MOD:

  1. Supports store opening and closing activities including Daily Sales Report (DSR) and cash handling and cashier closeout responsibilities.

  2. Responds to cashier needs for manager over-rides.

  3. Ensures that customers are waited on in a timely manner and per company standards of excellence in customer service.

  4. Responds to calls and handles customer complaints as needed and per company policies.

  5. Responds to calls and handles customer returns as needed and per company policies.

  6. Covers cashier lunch breaks.

This position is to never be left as the overall MOD for the store.

Leadership and Professionalism:

  1. All department managers are expected to be professional at all times and provide appropriate leadership for the staff and the store. Leader effectiveness requires treating people decently while at the same time successfully motivating them toward high performance

in their work. One without the other doesn’t work.

  1. Department managers are expected to demonstrate positive and calm communication with staff at all times.

  2. When discussing an issue with an employee, department managers must carefully choose when, where, and how to best discuss the issue in order to maintain professionalism and confidentiality. Department managers should look to their Store Manager for support

and guidance on how to address performance issues with employees and how to document appropriately. Performance and personnel issues should only be discussed in the manager’s office, not in front of other employees, customers or vendors (unless an employee

in a management position is acting in the capacity of a witness).

  1. Department managers are expected to show the highest level of respect and integrity in their day-to-day actions with employees, customers, vendors and outside contacts.

  2. Department managers are expected to do their job with a consistent, calm, and positive demeanor. It is never appropriate for a department manager to yell, express frustration on the sales floor, or raise their voice to an employee.

  3. Department managers are expected to conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity, responsibility, and excellence. As a representative of the Company to our employees and our professional vendors, leaders are expected to represent Vitamin Cottage

as a just, fair, respectful, caring, compassionate, and honorable company.

  1. Department managers are expected to be leaders in the workplace, setting the standard of excellence required through their job performance and professional demeanor. It is expected that leaders will hold employees accountable and do so in a manner which

is in line with the highest standards of professionalism and respect.

Although this is a general outline of job responsibilities all employees are expected to be “hands on” and do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the company thrive.


1-2 years experience in retail and/or related receiving experience.

Ability to pass applicable food safety training courses and/or certifications as required by state and/or county law and maintain compliance by keeping certifications up to date.

Able to manage changing priorities.

Possesses a sense of urgency in the completion of tasks.

Possesses excellent customer service skills

Is highly organized with great attention to detail

Ability to stay focused with the task at hand.

Ability to take direction and follow through.

Must be forklift certified.

Must be cashier trained.

Proficient in MS word, excel and outlook.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Must have the ability to lift 70 lbs, repetitive lifting up to 50 lbs.

  2. Must be able to carry up to 50 lbs.

  3. Requires the use of both arms and both hands with full range of motion.

  4. Must be able to bend at the waist and knees, twist, push and pull on occasional basis

  5. Must be able to kneel, squat, and climb as needed

  6. Must be able to reach overhead and away from the body

  7. Must be able to stand for at least 90% of the time

  8. Must be able to walk for at least 90% of the time