U-Haul Actuarial Analyst in PHOENIX, Arizona

Actuarial Analyst



Armed with statistical, financial, business computational, and modeling tools, actuaries determine, assess and quantify the risks of threats to the organization becoming realized and develop policies and programs to cover or minimize the disruptive operational and financial cost to the organization. This makes actuaries essential in the life insurance industry.Oxford Life is seeking a talented Actuarial Analyst for the Actuarial Department of Oxford. This position reports to the Valuation Actuary. This is a great opportunity for an eager, motivated new grad of a Bachelor’s program in Actuarial Science to begin a successful career at a strong life insurance company. New grads MUST have a strong proficiency with Microsoft Excel.

• Determine the reserves required on a Statutory, GAAP, and Tax basis to ensure the company’s financial position to meet client claims.• Determine the financial soundness of each line of business through the use of loss recognition testing, gross premium valuations, asset adequacy analyses, and/or experience studies.• Gather and analyze experience statistics to estimate population mortality, morbidity, lapse, persistency and maturity rates.• Work with accountants, compliance officers, marketing representatives, auditors, consultants, and senior management to develop and promote the proper reserving of insurance products.• Use mathematical techniques and statistical concepts in order to determine and assess the risk inherent in a particular scheme.• Keep a close eye to the new research and developments that have arisen in the actuarial field.• Apply innovative solutions for resolving constantly changing business problems.• Explain the risk and limitations of actuarial schemes in detail to a non-actuarial audience.• Document the concepts, methodologies, and procedures that have been implemented.


• Must have proven multitasking skills and can work under extreme pressure.• Must have excellent analytical and computational skills (Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint; Actuarial Software (e.g. MG-ALFA and TAS); Financial Reporting Software (Harris Data) and Policy Administration Software (LifePro and Life-support Plus).• Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


• Minimum Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, mathematics, statistics, accounting or finance with an active pursuit of successfully passing Society of Actuaries actuarial exams.• Preference will be given to candidates who have shown success in passing exams towards completion of their designation as an Associate or Fellow of the Society of Actuaries.• Plus if 1+ years of relevant actuarial experience working in the life insurance industry.

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