Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Medicaid Service Coordinator - MSC in Red Hook, New York

The Medicaid Service Coordinator (MSC) position is based out fo Kingston, NY.

As an MSC you'll be working with adults with developmental disabilities throughout Ulster, Dutchess and Columbia counties from both within Devereux and from other agencies.

Job Profile:


Defines and directs the persons Individualized Service Environment and Individualized Service Plan: insures that Person Centered Planning is conducted in establishing and modifying the person’s ISP: insures that the person receives needed/appropriate services: advocates with appropriate parties on behalf of the person for any services or supports not immediately available: insures the person has information necessary to make choices between programs, services and service providers.


Assists the person receiving services in learning to advocate for him/herself: communicates regularly with the person: communicates with the person and (when applicable) their family or advocates regarding services and supports: facilitates communication between the person, family members/advocates and service providers.


Assists the person in developing community supports when possible to replace paid service provision and to increase the person’s community integration and quality of life.


Provides encouragement, reassurance, support and assistance as well as a realistic updated appraisal of the person’s current situation.


Monitors, reviews, and modifies the ISP in response to changes in the person’s capacity or preferences: arranges for services and supports and supports and enables the person to access to new services that may become available: monitors health and safety issues to insure the person’s needs are met and services described in the ISP are delivered: monitors fire safety practices to insure that fire safety safeguards identified in the ISP are in place: insures the person is eligible for and receives all benefits and entitlements to which they have a claim.


Provides follow up and monitoring to insure the person’s receipt of services and participation in programs outlined in the ISP: insures termination of enrollment for persons who leave HCBS services: works diligently to find new services for persons whose needs or valued outcomes require them.


Completes program reviews: performs administrative functions necessary to insure ongoing quality of programming: insures completion of DDP and related forms: acts with service providers to research and resolve funding issues which impact on the delivery of services.


Must possess a valid New York State drivers license: must be able to visit a variety of service provider locations.


Completes record keeping and reporting requirements necessary to maintain the audit book and maintains pertinent data on the individual and family to insure appropriate and effective communication: insures the ISP is reviewed, revised and updated as required and as necessary to meet the person’s needs: insures that significant issues for the person are reflected in the record.


Insures that Devereux’s philosophy of care is reflected in the person’s record:

insures that services delivered to the individual are effective and accountable:

insures that they meet the person’s needs: insures that behavioral approaches used with the person are positively based.

Organization Profile

Devereux is a leading non profit behavioral health organization that supports many of the most underserved and vulnerable members of our communities. Founded in 1912 by Helena Devereux, we operate a comprehensive national network of clinical, therapeutic, educational, and employment programs and services that positively impact the lives of tens of thousands of individuals and families every year. We help empower children and adults with intellectual, emotional, developmental, and behavioral challenges to lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our Philosophy of Care operates under the core principles of Individualized Services; Effective and Accountable Services; and Positive, Behavioral Approaches.

Additional Details

The primary purpose of Devereux is to provide quality service to those entrusted to our care by their families, guardians, agencies, and other designated parties. The most critical resource we have to accomplish this task is our employees. No intervention can be implemented without the assistance of competent employees who are physically and mentally prepared to carry out this tremendous responsibility.

For this reason, in addition to a competitive salary, Devereux provides a comprehensive health and welfare benefits program to eligible full-time employees, family members, and domestic partners. Health and welfare programs include medical, dental, prescription drug, preventative care, mental health services, and an Employee Assistance / Work Life Balance Program, as well as generous time-off policies, and a 403 B retirement plan. Additionally, voluntary, employee paid, Vision and Supplemental Life Insurance are available to FT employees.

Please visit: to learn more about the health and wellness benefits we offer here at Devereux.

In addition to these benefits we also offer a healthcare option through MVP here in New York.

It is the intent of Devereux to continue to offer these benefits; however, we reserve the right to change or stop them at any time, with or without notice.

Relevant Keywords:

Autism Spectrum, Developmental Disabilities, Direct Care, Medicaid, Service Coordinator


To qualify, we require:

* * EDUCATION: * Associates degree in a health or human service field or an RN required.

Bachelors Degree in Health or Human Services field preferred.

(A candidate for a Bachelor’s degree may meet this requirement by providing a letter from his/her college verifying that the candidate has completed course work equivalent to an Associate’s degree, both in total number of credits and number of credits earned in a health or human service field)

* * EXPERIENCE: * One year of experience working with people with a developmental disability or one year of experience as a service coordinator with any population.

This experience may be waived if the person possesses a Master’s degree in a health or human service field.

* * PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: * Free of dependency and abuse of illegal or illicit drugs, alchohol, inhalents, or other chemical or controlled substances.

Significant and frequent amount of walking, standing, sitting, stopping, bending and lifting of 20 lbs or more required.

Must be able to present through verbal and written communications.

Strong interpersonal abilities required.

Ability to get along with diverse personalities, tactful, mature, flexible.

* * CORE CURRICULUM* (recommended training):

Devereux Orientation Training and attendance at an OPWDD approved Core Service Coordination Training program within three months of assuming MSC responsibilities, unless the candidate can produce a certificate verifying past attendance at a Core Training.