Basic Function:

Shall have practical knowledge of the work as internal corrosion technician and shall be responsible for taking the consumption reading from all JO facility including well heads, adjusting the pump strokes, troubleshooting as well as fluid (Oil, water &Gas)sample collection from the facilities.

Duties, Responsibilities & Accountabilities: Zero HSE Incident, Two Hazard Observation Cards Per Month.

Adhere to Safety procedure and policies in accordance with safety management system, Including:

a)Active participation and contribution to specific safety initiatives in meetings.

b)Report all hazardous and unsafe acts.

c)Actively promote positive safety culture.

Adhere to quality procedure and policies in accordance with the ISO9002 (where applicable) quality assurance system, Including:

a)Compliance to work instructions.

b)Raising corrective actions for all non-conformances.

c)Identifying areas requiring improvement and / or audit.

Adhere to main job responsibilities:

1) Shall be conversant with internal monitoring techniques and systems installed in pipelines, vessels and other facilities.

2) Shall be able to use in the correct manner all related devices and instruments, including access valves, access fittings, probes, coupon holders, manual measuring instruments, data loggers and the like.

3) Shall be able to read engineering drawings and prepare simple drawings as necessary, showing the location and circuitry of all types of corrosion monitoring systems.

4) Shall be able to safely operate high pressure (to 6000psi) retriever and low pressure (to 1500psi) retractor tools, enabling installation and removal of corrosion coupons and devices in facilities under full stream pressure.

5) Familiar with and able to assist in the work of hot-tapping on-line and under full stream pressure through access valves by using both high pressure Rohrback Cosasco hot-tapping equipment (up to 3600psi working pressure) and T.D. Williamson hot-tapping equipment (up to 1500psi working pressure) or similar, acceptable equipment.

6) Carry out the work associated with the installation of intrusive and non­intrusive hydrogen monitoring devices.

7) Shall be able to carry out installation of on-line internal corrosion automatic data collection units and perform data downloading and transfer.

8) Shall be able to carry out the preparation, maintenance, handling and cleaning of the corrosion monitoring devices and coupons.

9) Shall be able to prepare technical reports related to daily & weekly work.

10) Knowledgeable in the proper routine service maintenance of all the corrosion monitoring equipment.


Fluent in both spoken and written English and able to supervise the activities of Contractor's skilled and unskilled labour.

Required Education:

Certificate and evidence of completion thereafter of an apprenticeship/approved training in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering


Minimum of three (3) years’ experience and good knowledge of internal corrosion monitoring techniques associated with job training certificates from recognized corrosion monitoring manufacturers or similar, proven experience is required.

He shall have knowledge about chemical hazards, operating the chemical pumps, reporting any failure/abnormalities. The technician shall have valid Kuwait driving license.