Weatherford PAYROLL LEAD ACCOUNTANT/ Ведущий специалист in SAMARA, Russia


Ensures that payroll elements such as: base salary and wages, vacation pay, per diems, sick leave payments, employee welfare benefits, other are calculated and paid correctly and in accordance with Internal regulations across the Russia region,

  • Ensures that all payroll deductions such as: PIT, non-confirmed with expense claims, alimonies, other deductions are processed correctly

  • Ensures that social and pension tax, PIT are properly accrueв and paid to respective local/branch fiscal authorities

  • Ensures that all accounting entries are accurately booked on Payroll, Social tax and Employee withholding tax related accounts

  • Ensures that all the required payroll and social tax reports are prepared correctly in the system.

  • Provides methodological support to the rest finance team in order to correctly allocate payroll expense by PL, LE, cost center.

  • Coordinates reconciliations with Social tax and fiscal authorities

  • Prepares and submits the Social tax packages for every LE/Branch. Provides an employee personified reports to Pension funds and Tax authorities

  • Provides Salary and Wages statements for employees within three working days after receiving the request.

  • Provides Pension fund charges statements for employees.

  • Ensures that PIT is properly calculated and withheld on behalf of landlords we rent accommodation from.

  • Ensures that payroll and social taxes are correctly calculated and paid for Temp employees.

  • Ensures that net payroll register are prepared correctly, employees bank details accurately entered into Payroll module,

  • Ensures that rental payments are properly processed onto landlords accounts

  • Ensures that all employee benefits are included into payroll calculation and informs HR on PIT charges

  • Ensures that all primary documentation on settlements with employees and obligations are prepared in line with statutory requirements

  • Ensures that all original documentation is properly filed and passed to LE’s archives

  • Provides methodological support for subordinates on stat requirements and Social tax issues and implications

  • Ensures that all management requests are addressed properly,

  • Backs up subordinates who are absent

Any other delegated responsibilities as instructed by Line Management within the timeframe specified in a safe and efficient manner to meet business requirements, provided the instruction is reasonable and you are capable and deemed competent to fulfill these