SUPERIOR TECHNICAL Research Associate in Seattle, Washington

Superior Technical Resources is looking for a Research Associate located in Seattle, WA Must be willing to work in both Seattle and Tacoma. Currently in Seattle; will be moving to Tacoma at end of the year. Conduct blood draws from different sites, collect organs, administer treatments by different routes, and anesthetize and euthanize animals Handle animals using appropriate technique, feed and water animals in accordance with prescribed diets and instruction, transfer animals from soiled to clean cages making sure to maintain individual animal identity in accordance with specified procedures Clean and/or sterilize cages, racks, water bottles and surrounding premises including floors, according to specified procedures, maintain equipment and premises in accordance with specified standards, keep laboratory supplies in stock Ensure that temperature, humidity and lighting remain within acceptable ranges Record and process data according to specified protocols, write brief reports in weekly and monthly reporting format Participate in designing studies and setting the conditions and protocols that will provide scientists with the information required Isolate, identify and prepare animals for studies, carry out and develop dosing, assessment and sampling techniques Assist scientists in writing technical reports detailing procedures, outcomes, and observations Utilize concepts, practices, and procedures within the assigned area of laboratory testing Adhere to high standard of documentation including maintaining detailed logs of all studies and other work-related activities Monitor laboratory work to ensure compliance with established standards QUALIFICATIONS & EXPERIENCE Associates degree in veterinary technology or bachelors degree in any areas of biology Certification as a laboratory Animal Research associate by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) or other regulatory body is preferred Minimum two years of experience in a laboratory, animal care facility, or related settings Considerable knowledge of the care and handling of rodents in a research setting, of the methods and materials used in laboratory research, of the physical, behavioral and environment requirements of individual rodent species and strains, and of the day-to-day operations of the in vivo laboratory Ability to recognize the signs of illness or abnormality and make accurate observations Ability to observe and analyze the results of research experiments and to keep current, accurate and complete records Ability to apply deductive reasoning and problem solving techniques to situation and willingness to learn new laboratory procedures General knowledge in biology, pharmacology and biochemistry Skills &nbs