GameStop, Inc. Store Manager - ThinkGeek (9114) - Seattle, WA - Northgate Mall in Seattle, Washington

At ThinkGeek, we refer to our Store Managers as "Supreme Geeks." As an Empowered Leader, the Supreme Geek works independently to directly influence the performance of everyone who interacts with customers and supports the store environment. Using elements of ThinkGeek's GEEKOUT Sales Model, the Supreme Geek ensures world-class customer service experiences for all of ThinkGeek’s customers. The Supreme Geek makes discretionary decisions involving all sales initiatives, operational effectiveness, marketing, scheduling, employment, and all other aspects of the day-to-day business processes of a ThinkGeek store. This position supervises a combination of associates including a First Geek Officer (Assistant Manager), Lead Geek Specialist and Geek Specialists, which may vary based upon store size, location, and expected sales volume. ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES* * Expansive Thinking: Embrace creative thinking and exploration of new ideas and initiatives. * Think and act deliberately in creative ways that grow the business and exceed customer expectations by developing new strategic initiatives that shape the long term focus of the business. * Selling Passion: Enjoy active selling, including exploring and creating customer needs and closing the sale. Demonstrate a passion for the customer and exceeding goals. * Provide world-class customer service: promptly greet customers, respond to and handle customer concerns quickly, effectively and courteously; align customer passions with ThinkGeek products which exceeds the needs of the customer; recommend additional items as appropriate; and ensure every customer is thanked for shopping at ThinkGeek; ensure all store associates consistently provide world-class customer service. * GEEKOUT Selling Focus: Drive sales and customer loyalty by creating complete, lasting customer solutions. Demonstrate unique interest in every customer. Ask questions and makes recommendations in order identify and celebrate the customer’s inner Geek. * Ensure the use of GEEKOUT Selling techniques to align customer needs with ThinkGeek products, the recommendation of additional items as appropriate, and ensure every customer is thanked for shopping at ThinkGeek. * Support the total shopping environment, including visual and operational elements, and the customer relationships that lead to sales and repeat business. * Team Support: Demonstrate a selfless commitment to others on the store team, including schedule and activity-based dependability, continuous improvement, and respond effectively to feedback. Actively seek opportunities to contribute at a higher level of service to the business, the customers, and others on their team. * Recruit, hire, assess, develop, and retain people committed to outstanding customer service. * Provide timely, appropriate and regular feedback to all store associates concerning performance, conduct performance coaching discussions as appropriate, and writing and presenting annual performance appraisals. * Using the Empowered Leadership Model, lead store associates in meeting sales, profit and shrink goals. * Ensure the sales floor is attended by a supervisor at all times, and the store always has a supervisory employee present. * Train store associates on all aspects of their jobs, including all company/store policies, procedures and guidelines. * Operational Agility: Respond rapidly, accurately, and consistently to all of the operational requirements essential for creating exceptional and profitable customer experiences in a consistently clean, neat, and well organized store. * Schedule store associates to achieve optimum customer service levels, and delegate store tasks to ensure proper completion in an environment that puts the customer first. * Communicate clearly and regularl