Lear Corporation Dimensional Management Engineer in Southfield, Michigan

Job Title

Dimensional Engineer

Position Focus

  • Perform Dimensional Management duties required to complete program objectives within program timing.
  • Support plants in root causing dimensional issues and support quality build initiatives.
  • Define Quality Inspection plans for seating components & assemblies.

Position Specific Requirements: Major Job Results:

  • Develop dimensional strategies to meet internal and external objectives through the use of predictive analysis tools and lessons learned.
  • Support Model Based Definition initiatives and increase product quality through proven methods and lessons learned.
  • Define Inspection process thorough the use of Polyworks software

Specific Skills, Knowledge and Behavioral Characteristics:

  • Develop datum strategies, dimensional specifications, and measurement plans
  • Strong ability to understand, create, apply, and interpret GD&T; per ASME Y14.5-2009 standard.
  • Review & approval of dimensional specs, gaging methods, & measurement systems for suppliers
  • Interpret variable data to determine process capability
  • Experience with seat design and manufacturing processes, metal stamping, and injection molding
  • Knowledge of basic statistical concepts and statistical process control
  • Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook experience
  • Experience with E-GDT/PMI/FTA/MBD (Model Based Definition) preferred.
  • Experience with any version of UGNX (9.0) or CATIA V5 r18 - 24 CAD system preferred
  • Experience with Polyworks Inspection software.

Non-Flexible Requirements:

  • Must know GD&T;
  • Must be familiar with ASME Y14.9 -2009 standard
  • Must have working knowledge of VSA (Variation Simulation Analysis)
  • Have ability to perform 2d & 3d tolerance stack studies

Tracking Code: 251049

Job Location: Southfield, Michigan, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular

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