Exeter Hospital RVNA - Social Worker (MS) in United States

Reports to SW Program Manager. Performs a variety of services, such as advising on social problems, arranging for discharge or postoperative care at home or in institutions, placement of adults in nursing homes, financial assistance to patients or families during illnesses and alleviation of anxieties or fears concerning permanent disabilities, disfiguring illnesses or uncertainty about the future.


-  Master's degree in related field

-  CPR certified or within 30 days of hire

-  Driver license - valid


Major Responsibilities

1  Assesses the needs for social work intervention via interviews with

patients/families to obtain information about psycho-social status, home

environment, family relationships, health history and personality traits.

2  Develops plan of care in consultation with the physician and other care team


3  Coordinates and consults plans with patient, family, members of health care

team, community agencies and other facilities to facilitate discharge plan.

4  Counsels/works with patients and families about adjustment to illness and

medical recommendations.  Provides appropriate community resources as


5  Evaluates data gathered in terms of the medical treatment plan and

available resources to plan a pertinent treatment program that will provide

each patient with maximum benefits.

6  Performs in the role of case manager to assist team in understanding the

social and emotional factors related to pertinent health problems.

7  Completes documentation on same day as visit per agency policy. Transfers laptop after each visit.

8  Understands and meets expected productivity standards, attendance at meetings and obligations for scheduling.

9  Identifies and utilizes appropriate community resources and assesses

patient/family ability to access them.

10  Assists the physician and team members in recognizing and understanding the social/mental stress and/or disorders that exacerbate the symptoms related to acute or chronic illness.  Provides short term counseling, crisis intervention, assistance specific to advance directives and funeral planning support to patients and families if requested.