Robins & Morton Group Superintendent (2018-FL-035) in Orlando, Florida

Directs, coordinates, and exercises authority for planning, organizing, controlling, integrating, and completing assigned project. Directs activities of workers concerned with construction of buildings or other construction projects by performing the following duties personally or through subordinates.Essential Duties and Responsibilities:Studies contract documents to plan procedures for construction on basis of starting and completion times and staffing requirements for each phase of construction.Manage all Robins and Morton jobsite field management personnel to effectively perform their job requirements.Job requirements for all subordinates are documented via performance standards, which should be reviewed/evaluated twice per year with subordinates.Manage job activities in accordance with Robins and Morton's policies and procedures and priorities within the bounds of the project contract.Participate in establishing profit/time objectives for Operations Manager review/approvalMaintain client and designer relations.Plan and set up an efficient jobsite layout, including site utilization and primary control.Plan and establish the flow of the work activities on the project.Direct development of the overall Project Schedule.Implement and lead near term scheduling meetings and address issues arising from the meetings. Take measures to assure the project is progressing in accordance with the overall project schedule and contract time requirements.Arrange for and schedule inspections by government officials and consultants.Manage all field operations of subcontractors to effectively install their portion of the work.Manage subcontractors to ensure overall project success while maintaining a good working relationship.Ascertain and assure the quality of the work is in accordance with plans and specifications and#149; Maintain a clean, safe, orderly jobsite.Maintain daily project diaries for the duration of the project.Review shop drawings for conformance to contract and field conditions.Conducts project's subcontractor and owner meetings.Manage the procurement of tools and materials to be delivered at specified times to conform to work schedules.Confers with and directs supervisory personnel and subcontractors engaged in planning and executing work procedures, interpreting specifications, and coordinating various phases of construction to prevent delays.Confers with supervisory personnel and subcontractors to resolve workforce grievances.Confers with superiors and/or subordinates to resolve construction issues. Coordinate with appropriate personnel, subcontractors, suppliers and/or engineers to resolve.Monitors assigned project utilizing Robins and Morton's quality control management policies and procedures.Inspects work in progress to ensure that workmanship conforms to specifications and the adherence to construction schedules.Prequalify and hire all field labor. Approve weekly field time cards.Manage all field labor to accomplish designated tasks.Review and evaluate all subcontracts and vendor purchase orders prepared by the Project Manager.Prepares or reviews reports on progress, materials used and costs, and adjusts work schedules as indicated by reports.Enforce the Robins and Morton Infection Control, Interim Life Safety and Building Envelope Policies and Procedures.Enforce the Robins and Morton Drug, Alcohol and Harassment policies.Enforce jobsite safety to comply with all OSHA regulations and the Robins and Morton Safety Program. Conducts weekly safety meetings and safety inspections as outlined in the program.Positions managed by this role are: Field Superintendents, MEP Coordinators, Assistant Superintendents, Project Engineers, Field Engineers, Safety Engineers, Foremen, Field Assistants, Field Office Assistants, Project Secretaries, Jobsite Secretaries, and all craft persons. This position may also manage the following positions depending on the project: Asst. Project Manager, Project Manager.In this position you will be r